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From the roses folded into the toilet paper to the elbow grease put into years old stains in the carpet and immaculate attention to hard surfaces, this was a cleaning experience that made me feel like royalty. They are wonderfully polite and respectful. They have delightful personalities. They were a pleasure to work with. Even with a time constraint and them working under the clock, they were out on time and sent me dozens of pictures. They took my house from a depression cave to a house ready to meet company for the holidays. Thank you so much. I will recommend this service to all my friends and will only use you from now on!!

Devon B.

If you want your house or business cleaned and done RIGHT the first time this is the Go-To business. I enjoyed coming home to a clean house and the detail they place in their work. My towels folded as decor beautifully placed, the art done to my toilet paper. The clean, sanitized and shiny countertops not to mention my floors. I could literally eat off the floor! (I mean I won’t but I could!)

Deja B

I thoroughly enjoyed the great results! My house feels so much more like a home now after being cleaned by Wheaton’s Good Samaritan Services. I trust them completely and they also offer as their good Samaritan service the use of their truck. If you want to donate things they will deliver them for you. 

Patricia R.

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